Hire MERN Stack Developer on Hourly and Monthly Basis

Are you looking for an agency to hire MERN stack developers or a team of dedicated MERN developers who will build your web application project? Look no further than AccuWebTech! We are experts in providing MERN stack development services that make your web application distinct with exceptional features like security, scalability, and stability.

Our MERN stack developers for hire have profound knowledge of the concepts of MongoDB, ExpressJS, React JS, and Node JS and an appropriate theoretical background. However, you acquire not only talented MERN stack developers from AccuWebTech but also receive a 7-day trial alongside other attractive benefits to improve your development journey.

  • End-to-end MERN Stack solutions
  • Hire a developer based on your choice
  • Strong NDAs for security
  • Daily reporting and tracking
  • Easy engagement model

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Raise Your Digital Profile with MERN Stack Developers from AccuWebTech

Let our MERN stack developers at AccuWebTech help you to unlock unmatched digital solutions. Our expert professionals have the required knowledge to design enterprise sites, dynamic websites, and customized software solutions that ensure the profitable growth of your business.

MERN Stack eCommerce Development

Our MERN stack developers are highly skilled in the area of designing eCommerce stores that have a high conversion rate, support multiple browsers, and perform at incredible speed. With React UI components such as Material UI and React Bootstrap, we provide enterprise-level solutions that yield great ROI.

  • MERN Stack eCommerce development

MERN Stack eCommerce development

Our MERN stack developers build high-converting, cross-browser compatible, and rapid fast eCommerce stores built with powerd react UI components like material UI, React Bootstrap, and many more! Our MERN stack developers are capable enough to build high ROI-driven enterprise-level eCommerce stores.

  • Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Enjoy bug-free web apps, that work perfectly on any device. The award-winning developers from AccuWebTech work with businesses of all sizes and provide tailored web apps that boost your revenue flow.

  • Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development

Regarding world-class custom web applications, such as ERP, CRM, and other essential tools are AccuWebTech – a reliable partner. We have designed custom platforms for more than 6 years that allow you to effectively manage your business assets, documents, and data.

  • MERN API Development

MERN API Development

Leave the vital job of MERN API development to our experienced professionals. They are experienced in building RESTful APIs powered by Mongoose for object modeling, Express for durability, and NPM package management. Our APIs will refine your web applications.

  • MERN Application Migration

MERN Application Migration

Take a step outside the space of slow web apps and inefficient eCommerce stores by moving into dynamic MERN’s platform. AccuWebTech provides a solution that increases user engagement and site speed offering the benefits of advanced web technology with rich features.

  • Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Our post-deployment MERN stack support services allow you to stay ahead of your competition. This includes dealing with site bugs, adding or changing pages in the website, and fixing parts of code that do not function properly (bug fixes), alongside server management. Backed by AccuWebTech support and maintenance, keep your site functional with minimal downtime and enjoy a significant competitive advantage in the online marketplace.

What does MERN Stack include?

A detailed description of each segment of the term MERN.

  • MongoDB
  • ExpressJS
  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS

MongoDB is a NoSQL type of database that stores data in tabular format using key-value pairs. It is well known for its speed, scalability, and shamelessness. One of the main reasons why MERN stack developers prefer using MongoDB is due to its functionality that allows the storage of data in a format used for quick retrieval.

ExpressJS, Node’s asynchronous and single-threaded framework. This allows for concise code used to simplify the creation of Node modules and is commonly employed in developing web applications as well as APIs designed around the MERN architecture.

ReactJS is a front-end library that makes it possible for MERN stack developers to develop visually appealing user interfaces. It specializes in processing live-streaming, dynamic data making it suitable for developing single-page applications and mobile apps.

NodeJS allows running on a server using a JavaScript runtime environment. It is open source and most widely used for back-end development especially to develop gaming apps, chat applications mobile apps web applications.

Why AccuWebTech is a Good
MERN Stack Development Partner?

  • Hire the Developer of Your Choice

Hire the Developer of Your Choice

The third step in the hiring process is for you to choose a MERN stack developer based on your personal needs. You can carry out one-on-one interviews, coding rounds, and any other tests at a time that is convenient for you. By selecting a developer who aligns with your vision, the two of you can work together to create futuristic web products for your business.

  • Affordable Development

Affordable Development

AccuWebTech stands out through the provision of complete development at a price that does not include any hidden costs. Unlike most development companies, we use a proven methodology in tracking hours to enhance clarity and minimize costs. Our commitment to affordability makes every penny of your investment count.

  • Complete Code Ownership

Complete Code Ownership

All credentials along with complete access to your code, dashboard, and related components are delivered after the successful completion of the project by our end. Our privacy and confidentiality guarantees that not a single line of your code will be discovered after project execution. You maintain sole control and ownership of your project.

  • Tested Methodology

Tested Methodology

Considering its six years’ rich experience, AccuWebTech has created an all-encompassing framework starting from recruitment to deployment. Our approach has been proven and accepted by the skilled agile gurus. It is not without reason that hiring a MERN Stack developer from AccuWebTech means giving your project to a tried and tested process.

  • Communication and Coordination

Communication and Coordination

Our collaboration is based on effective communication. We advocate regular video meetings – daily, weekly, or quarterly ones enable you to keep track of the development stage. Our developers can be reached via Skype or email, as well as any other convenient communication platform you may choose to use in the course of your work with our development team.

  • Delivery Management

Delivery Management

In our development lifecycle, delivery of successful projects is key. Our project delivery managers stay committed to following the development process and making sure that clients’ expectations are met in due time. With our MERN programmers, you can be 100% assured of project success and timely delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

The hourly rate for hiring a MERN Stack developer with three years of experience is $18 to $,30. In practice, an expert with a minimum experience of 5 years is recommended for developing complex web applications which might cost $40 to $60 per hour. To get a personalized cost breakdown in your email, reach out to us.

If you decide to AccuWebTech as your development partner the hiring of the pre-screened developer will take three to seven business days. The schedule is subject to your needs and availability of resources.

To build trust and fairness between the two parties, we need a 50% advance payment when the contract is signed. For instance, let’s say you choose a fixed-price model of $400 payment on the first day of work under the contract.

In case of any problems or dissatisfaction with the MERN stack developer you have hired, our customer success managers will guide and support you through a replacement procedure. In the process of replacing, no more charges will be required. Instead, we try to give only highly tested and experienced MERN stack developers that guarantee the minimization of such problems. In AccuWebTech, we focus on ensuring transparency and satisfaction in the whole hiring process to development. If you have any specific questions or concerns, feel free to contact our team. Your success is our priority.