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These Terms and Conditions were last modified on December 25, 2017, officially by AccuWebTech.

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Please make sure you have read, understand, and accept the following legally binding terms and conditions to their fullest before using the website AccuWebTech.com (located at accuwebtech.com) and/or any related services owned and operated by AccuWebTech.

By accessing, navigating or using AccuWebTech.com in any way, you agree to these binding terms and conditions, which serve as a documented contract between you (the “client”) and AccuWebTech (the “service provider”).

1. Acceptance of Work

The client must provide the specific requirements of the project. After AccuWebTech receives these requirements, they will be thoroughly analyzed before an estimate involving the scope of the necessary work will be presented. AccuWebTech will then provide a corresponding quotation based upon these estimates. A quotation is valid for 30 days after the issue date.

AccuWebTech will provide a contract which supplies the scope of the project and a financial quotation for the project. After which, it is the client’s responsibility to place an order from the billing area of the AccuWebTech website. The provided invoice which is issued after payment serves as evidence that you have accepted the scope and quotation of the project. AccuWebTech reserves the right to withdraw from the contract at any time prior to it’s acceptance.

In the event any modification is made to the original requirements of the project after the payment was successful, AccuWebTech may request additional funds. In such situations, the modification will be reviewed thoroughly before modifying the scope of the project according to the revision of the requirements. Any additional cost, as well as an updated invoice, will be provided by AccuWebTech. Commencement of the project will resume with respect to the revised requirements immediately after this payment is made.

In regards to the coding phase of web development, the client and AccuWebTech will first agree upon which of the services provided by AccuWebTech will be implemented. For example, AccuWebTech provides services in but not limited to: WordPress, PHP and ASP.NET coding. After an agreement has been made on services, an additional decision must be made by the client as to which platform coding development and testing will commence. Finally, the client agrees that any other work outside the initial agreement will incur additional cost or fees. This can include a software and/or hardware request.

During the designing phase of web development, the client must review the proposed web design or logo which will be published on the AccuWebTech.com development server. The client can expect five or less mockups of the web design or logo. During the initial seven days of publishing the new mockups, unlimited revisions are offered.

The client agrees to promptly provide any required content and/or information to aid in the work of the developer and/or designer for the purpose of delivering the finished work in due time.

2. Agreement on Deposits and Fees

The client is required to deposit 50% of the total quotation amount immediately after the agreement has been made to have the project executed by AccuWebTech. However, it should be noted AccuWebTech holds the right to start the project only when the full payment has been made.

The scope of the work provided will determine when the project will be completed, while the remaining 50% must be paid before the date described. AccuWebTech will converse with the client through emails to come to an agreement on a reasonable date for the project’s completion.

In the rare event AccuWebTech was unable to fulfil the requirements described in the scope of the work, we will refund the initial deposit of 50%. If the project has already started but the client decides to end the contract without a fault from AccuWebTech’s obligations, the client will not receive a refund.

There is a minimum charge of $100 USD on any project, regardless of any factor.

3. Supply of Materials

The client is responsible for supplying the materials, content and/or information that may be relevant or paramount to the project. The material or materials could be anything from photographs and logos to written copies and other printed materials. AccuWebTech reserves the right to extend the deadline of the project in the event the client did not provide the required materials as originally agreed upon.

If the client is unable to supply the required materials resulting in a delay in the completion of the project, AccuWebTech reserves the right to charge the client based upon the uncompleted segments.

4. Changes to the Terms and Conditions of AccuWebTech

AccuWebTech reserves the right to alter any portion of these terms and conditions at any time. We will do so without any prior notification, however, attention will be given to the update by a post made on our website. Therefore, we recommend that clients check and review this documentation occasionally for such changes. If by any chance you do not agree with or accept the updated terms and conditions, we suggest that you cease using AccuWebTech and contact us before proceeding to resume or terminate any contract with AccuWebTech.

5. Variations and/or Revisions

We always welcome any feedback, variations or changes suggested by the client. We offer the option to make multiple revisions to the current design for your review. However, we maintain the right to limit the number of revisions to a reasonable amount. Excessive revision requests may incur additional charges. Any requests for additional designs after this limit has been met will be subject to additional charges.

AccuWebTech actively tracks and documents the scope of work during the website development phase. This phase is flexible, allowing for variations from the original specification. However, any major deviation from the original specification of the scope of work will be charged appropriately.

6. Project Approval & Delays

The time-frame for work completion is highly dynamic with many determining factors. Two major factors include the provision of detailed information on project requirements while maintaining full client cooperation. During the design and development phase, a certain amount of feedback will be required from the client in order to progress to next phase of design or development. It is required that a direct line of communication be established between AccuWebTech and a representative of the client who is authorized to discuss feedback and finalize the design or development work.

7. Payment

The final invoice listing the 50% remaining balance will be sent after an 8 day review period.

8. Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights

The client retains the copyright to data, files and graphic logos which were provided by the client. The client must obtain permission and rights to use any information or files that are copyrighted by a third party. The client is responsible for granting AccuWebTech permission and rights for use of the information or files which are copyrighted by a third party. The client agrees to indemnify and hold AccuWebTech free of liability from any and all claims resulting due to client’s negligence or inability to obtain proper copyright permissions.

A contract for website design and/or development shall be regarded as a guarantee by the client to AccuWebTech that all such permissions and authorities have been obtained. Evidence of permissions and authorities must be produced by the client upon request from AccuWebTech.

9. Access Requirements

If the website/application is to be installed on a third-party server, AccuWebTech must be granted permission and access to the client’s storage directories.

10. Acceptance of terms and conditions

A payment advancement fee establishes agreement to and acceptance of these terms and conditions. An online payment towards a project is testament to your acceptance of our terms and conditions.

11. Search Engines

AccuWebTech does not offer guarantees regarding search engine results in terms of the specific positioning of the client’s website listing. Throughout development, we implement basic search engine optimisation methods in according to today’s best practices.

12. Subcontracting

AccuWebTech reserves the right to subcontract any services or providers which we have priorly agreed to perform for the client.

13. Additional Expenses

The client agrees to reimburse AccuWebTech for any expenses which are not part of the proposal including but not limited to the purchase of third party templates, third party software, stock images, fonts, domain name registration, web hosting services, etc.

14. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by the internal laws of the State of New Jersey, excluding its choice of laws. All disputes concerning this Agreement shall be brought before the U.S. District Court for the New Jersey District of New Jersey located in Newark, New Jersey, (District Court). If the District Court does not have jurisdiction over a matter, the dispute shall be brought before The appropriate state court located in Bergen County, New Jersey The parties agree that venue and jurisdiction are proper before these courts, and agree not to contest notice from them. The U.N. Convention on the International Sale of Goods shall not apply to this Agreement.

Contact Us If you have any questions or inquiries regarding this document and/or any of our terms and conditions.