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Project Requirement - Challenge

  • The goal was to create a search engine covering different countries and acquire records from the right source with the help of a web scraping tool.
  • The site should be scalable to add other verticals in the future. The search criteria should be different based on industry.
  • They essentially wanted Brick7 to act as a traffic aggregator for their websites. Additionally, they wanted the website to rank in various countries.
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What we implemented

To meet the requirement, we integrated the open-source search platform Solr & Algolia search product - SaaS model and a fast, straightforward interface wherein users can query the database and save the trouble of visiting each site individually.

Brick7 did not host the offerings. Instead, we designed the website to redirect users to the original listing by mapping a huge selection of offerings available on the Internet in one extensive database by referencing listings originating from various websites, agency websites, and large specialist sites.

We have implemented online bots to scan the web, identify listings on the Internet, and add the records found to the index.

We have achieved a different yet light-weight look & feel for all the countries and verticals as well.

We have set up separate domains in different languages so that they can rank on various countries like South Africa, India, New Zealand, UK, US, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Nederland, Romania, Switzerland, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy.

We have kept numerous verticals like Boats, Motorcycle, Sales, Property, Cars, Jobs, Machines for each domain. For example, suppose the user navigates to South Africa. In that case, he/she will be able to see different verticals on top, and upon clicking on different verticals, they will be redirected to the respective subdomain.

We created customized solutions to display offers, the latest products, the most popular searches, and other specialized features tailored to the demands of diverse industries.

The idea of a sub-domain will come in handy in the future if we need to add a completely new vertical to this search engine and tailor its search criteria and features.

We have collected more than 1 million email addresses for daily alerts. These daily alerts are being sent when new listings for verticals are identified.

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