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Project Requirement - Challenge

  • The challenge was to craft a decent and responsive website along with the WHMCS Panel.
  • The customer also required WHMCS customization so that every visitor redirected from his website to WHMCS feels as though he is still on the same website.
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What we implemented

Right from the design layout to the functional aspects of the website and WHMCS Admin panel, the developers and designers worked hand-in-hand to create a lightweight and insightful website.

Together, we established a strategy to smooth the website's loading by removing unused style sheets and script code, making an SEO-friendly URL setup, and optimizing pages for desktop and mobile devices.

Keeping Google's recent Page Experience Algorithm in mind, we achieved a desktop score of 90 & a mobile score of 80 and made sure it did not negatively affect its website.

We took care of WHMCS installation and configuration on the client's server. Before installing WHMCS, we ensured that the server has the pre-requisite environment and installed missing dependencies such as the latest PHP version, ionCube loader, etc. We also worked on setting up WHMCS email automation.

Linked the products/services with the WHMCS side.

To have a seamless look and feel like a front-end, we implemented a custom theme by setting up custom add-ons that can be activated and deactivated as per the requirement.

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